Honda Civic Type R FL5 - TCR (Chassis H80-005)

TWO RACE CARS AVAILABLE! Chassis H80-002 and H80-005

Chassis H80-002: 3,135 km / 0 km on engine.
Chassis H80-005: 2,967 km / 295 km on engine.

J.A.S. FL5 TCR racecars competed in 2023 IMSA season with pro drivers. Impeccably maintained and campaigned by professional team. Spares, support, and guidance available. Discount if sold together with extensive parts inventory and spares.

CFD exterior design and aerodynamics.
Front and rear carbon fenders.
Front and rear carbon bumpers.
Carbon side skirts.
Bonnet opening trims.
Carbon front splitter.
J.A.S rear wing and fixings.
Front composite inner arch liners.

TIG welded roll cage in chrome-molybdenum steel.
Seam welding of body panels and chassis rails.
Roll cage homologation by MSA-UK.
Light weight chassis painting.
Floor tunnel redesign for lower and centered seat position.
Extensive modification on wheel arches for lowered setup.
Endurance ready chassis.

Engine and Systems:
Engine calibration by J.A.S., 340 Hp and 410 Nm torque (TCR98 RON spec).
Competition stainless steel exhaust with race cat converter.
Billet engine mounts.
J.A.S developed turbocharger.
Carbon air intake with polyester filter.
6kg light weight flywheel.
ECU MAP and engine sealed by J.A.S.

Engine Control:
Marelli SRG141 ECU with J.A.S calibrated maps.
Fuel pressure sensors, lambda, MAP sensor, water and oil pressure/temperature sensors, active knock control and ETB installed on engine.
Pit speed limits adjustable by steering wheel.
Launch control.
Cruise control.

MoTec PDM30 power box.
Custom engine harness DR25 protected with anti-vibration reinforcement.

Display and Data Logging:
Motec C127 7’’dash/logger with bespoke J.A.S. Interface including i.e. engine water, inlet, ambient temp, engine RPM, boost, gearbox oil temp, gearshift unit pressure, gear position, fuel DI and transfer pressure, fuel pressure, front/rear brake pressure, live brake bias, steering angle, sensors diagnostic, driver shift lights, LED alarms on display, lateral/longitudinal G-force sensor, split times on dash with gain/loss, fuel consumption, ODO meter.

Sadev ST90-17 6 speed sequential gearbox with integrated actuator for paddle shift mechanism.
Hydraulic Sadev pressure unit.
J.A.S 3 discs 184mm sinter metallic clutch.
Lightweight billet supports.
Easy clutch removal.
Adjustable preload from outside.

Front Suspension:
Damper strut co-engineered with KW Automotive.
J.A.S design Monoblock 6 pot calipers on 380x34 D54 discs.
O.Z. Racing cast aluminum 18x10 rims.
Quick ratio electrical power-steering system.
Heavy duty ball joints on all suspension pivot points.
Highly mass/stiffness optimized billet control arms and uprights.
Heavy duty wheel studs (M14).
Front quick change anti-roll bars (3 position adjustable).
Fully adjustable suspension kinematics parameters (camber, roll center high, anti-dive/anti-lift).

Rear Suspension:
Rear damper KW Automotive with quick stroke adjuster.
Multilink rear suspension concept.
O.Z. Racing cast aluminum 18x10 rims.
Heavy duty ball joints on all suspension pivot points.
Highly mass/stiffness optimized billet arms.
Heavy duty wheel studs (M14).
2 pot forged rear brake calipers with solid 260x9 discs.
Fully adjustable suspension kinematics parameters (camber, roll center high, static, and dynamic toe, camber gain)

Braking System:
Tilton floor mount pedal box with accuracy bias system.
Monit brake bias with display mounted on steering column.
High efficiency Tilton Master cylinders.
Lever AP Racing pressure limiter.
Bosch motorsport ABS units with user-selectable map options to suit driving conditions.

Fuel System:
FT3 bladder 100 Liter without lift pumps.
Fuel returns from engine to tank.
Aerospace quality hoses and fittings.
Lightweight carbon / aluminum covers.
FIA twin filler neck (RH or LH mounting available)

Interior Equipment:
Steering wheel co-engineered with cube controls – 16 frontal (RBG illuminated), 2 back buttons, 2 shifting paddles, 2 rotary switches (scroll and ABS levels).
High grip handles.
Steering column mounted switch panel.
Heavy duty air jack lifting system (2 front / 1 rear) with GT style trunk plug.
Front and rear lightweight plastic door panels.
Custom made plastic dashboard.
OMP 6-point, 3” inch seat belts, for HANS use.
OMP seat Hte-EVO fiberglass with ear protection.
Lifeline automatic fire extinguisher.
LiFePo4 lightweight battery.
Driver window safety net.
Wide-angle rear-view mirror.

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