Honda Civic Type R - TC / SOLD

Vehicle Info

The Type R retains the road car exterior sheet metal but adds racing components developed in-house and in partnership with select suppliers to build a ready-to-race vehicle that ensures the highest standard or quality and saves racers the time and money of doing it themselves. Major modifications to the production Type R include a high-flow front grille, a J's Racing FRP vented hood, CSF-designed radiator, and oil coolers; an HPD/Borla downpipe and turbo back exhaust; a 6-speed manual transmission with high-strength 3rd and 4th gears; an HPD/Cusco limited slip differential; HPD Girodisc 2-piece front brake rotors and HPD brake inlet ducts; an HPD/Pyrotect bolt-in FIA 16-gallon fuel cell; a welded multi-point racing cage; and an OMP racing seat with 6-point harness.Please note : The HPD Civic Type R racecar is not street legal and must only be used in off-highway settings where it is legal to do so. Owners of the HPD Civic Type R racecar are responsible for following all regulations with operation.

Optioned With:

• Motec C125 data logger
• 4-wheel suspension position sensors
• HPD Pyrotect Bolt-in FIA fuel cell
• 16-gallon capacity
• High flow filler neck and cap in OE location
• SRO Touring Car Americas TC class
• SCCA T2 class

- To learn more about all of the car's spec's, see HPD's TC Spec Sheet (Near Bottom)

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