Motortrend Article: Honda HPD Civic Type R TC Race Car: Attacking the Track

January 6, 2021

Motortrend Article | Scott Evans - Author | Manufacturer - Photographer

The official MotorTrend position on the Honda Civic Type R is pretty clear: It's awesome. In fact, we think it's the best front-wheel-drive sports car on the market. As good as it is, no street car is actually a race car. That said, you can absolutely turn a street car into a race car with the proper application of money, parts, time, and labor. Or you can skip all the hard work and hand Honda Performance Development (HPD) a stack of cash to build one for you. HPD calls it the Honda HPD Civic Type R TC, and the HPD people let us lap one.

The "TC" (short for "Touring Car") appellation is important because it refers to the SRO Motorsports race sanctioning body's TC Class (formerly Pirelli World Challenge), which is roughly equivalent to the SCCA's T2 Class. The Civic Type R TC is designed and built to meet class rules for both organizations, so you can get straight to competition the minute you take delivery of your new race car.

Both classes are designed around racing all-new or nearly new street cars on track within a power and weight classification. TC and T2 are a step below the top touring categories, TCR and T1, and both make it very easy (in racing terms) to modify a street car into a race car. I could give you the list of new parts and modifications on the Type R TC, but it's half a page long, which is nothing compared to the eight pages in the SCCA rulebook dedicated to all things you can't do when building a T2 Class car.

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Part of the Honda Performance Development program, L.A. Honda World Racing is the official race team of L.A. Honda World, a factory-authorized Honda dealership in the Los Angeles suburb of Downey, CA.

For more information about the drivers and team, visit L.A. Honda World Racing on the Web at  and

About L.A. Honda World Racing

L.A. Honda World Racing is an in-house professional racing team based in Southern California and participates in the SRO / TC America and IMSA racing series exclusively racing touring cars built by Honda Performance Development. They are also a factory authorized Honda dealer for American Honda Motor Co.

About Honda Performance Development

Honda Performance Development, Inc. (HPD), has a rich heritage creating, manufacturing, and supporting Honda Racing and Acura Motorsports customers since 1993. From pinnacle racing in INDYCAR and IMSA Sports Cars to commercial racing programs, HPD powers the dreams of professional and amateur racers from age 4 to 40+. HPD is a wholly owned subsidiary of American Honda Motor Co., Inc. and leads all of Honda and Acura's high-performance racing programs in North America. HPD specializes in the design and development of powertrain, chassis, electronics, and performance parts, as well as technical and race support. HPD offers parts and race support to Honda and Acura amateur and professional motorsports racers and is continually expanding its palette of racing programs that make Honda racing products available to all racing styles, from karting and Quarter Midgets to the highest levels of pro racing. For more information, visit

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